June 14, 2024


Our studio classes are temporarily unavailable but we are offering online courses in the meantime. Choose from a variety of different mediums and creations. See our Online Courses page and browse the list of available courses and click on the link below to sign up and have lifetime access to the course and learn at your own pace. We look forward to painting with you!

Something for Everyone

Stroupe Studio caters to students of all interests, ages, and skill levels. Some of our classes include acrylics, poured acrylics, watercolors, watercolor, pen and ink, alcohol ink, oils, pottery, stained glass, negative space painting, and much more.  We also provide classes for students who wish to do their own projects and desire a little helpful guidance.  On some days, we offer open studio time for people who just wish to have a place to create on their own.

Watercolor Classes

In our watercolor classes, you will create works of art that will impress everyone, including yourself! Learn to control the paint, mix paint washes and other watercolor techniques. These classes place an emphasis on design, composition, wet-into-wet, dry brush, and other techniques.

Acrylic Classes

Learn various techniques in acrylics! Acrylics can be used in so many different ways like watercolor, oil with open acrylics, with a palette knife, with heavy acrylics, pouring with fluid acrylics, collages, and much more.

Class Skill Level

Each skill level contains a varying number of classes that are tailored to individual student skill level.

Level 1: Beginner
Very basic techniques. No prior experience necessary.

Level 2: Beginner – Intermediate
Preview of basic techniques as needed. We work on gaining experience with the medium in these classes.

Level 3: Intermediate
These class instructions assume the student knows the basics of the mediums.

* Level 4: Intermediate – Advanced
Challenging for experienced painters.

* Level 5: Advanced
Very little teacher assistance needed.

* Levels 4 and 5 are taught by request only.

Call today to reserve your space or to book a private lesson. 

Please note:

  •  Some classes require reservations due to the necessity of determining student count;
  •  Please RSVP by the requested date, otherwise there may not be seating availability or supplies;
  •  Classes and times are subject to change due to scheduling conflicts and weather interferences. It is advisable to check the calendar to see if classes are still scheduled before making the trip.

Stroupe Studio’s 2020 Events & Classes

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